landscape lightingLighting your yard adds beauty, property value, and increases safety. We will work with you to create an ideal outdoor atmosphere. Do you want to illuminate a particular tree? Light a path or driveway for safety? Do you want colored light to shimmer off the splash of a fountain? Do you want to light your deck so that you can talk with friends after sundown? Light your yard like fairyland? We will help you make your dreams come true while increasing the value of your property.

Outdoor features which you may wish to illuminate:

  • Paths and Stairs – Make your garden user-friendly and safer at night
  • Driveways – Create a welcoming feeling and improve safety
  • Trees- Shine light up through branches and leaves to create spaciousness
  • Plantings and Lawns – Highlight special spaces in your garden
  • Pools – Delight garden visitors and swimmers with lights that softly shine through the ripples
  • Fountains – Highlight the source of the burbling in your night garden
  • Decks – Talk with your friends or party into the night

We are experienced in designing lighting for your yard which:

  • Doesn’t reduce visibility for passing motorists
  • Doesn’t spill into areas where light is not wanted
  • Preserves your view of the night sky
  • Saves energy with energy-efficient bulbs, solar lights, and timers

We install automatic systems so that the lights turn on and off with:

  • Timers,
  • Photo Cells, or
  • Motion Detectors

We offer a wide variety of the highest-quality weather-sealed fixtures.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about landscape lighting. We can help you design lighting for safety, beauty, and the increased usability of your yard after the sun goes down.